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Costa Maya Excursion

We toured the Chaccboben Mayan Ruins on our recent Caribbean cruise. To get to the Chaccboben ruins we took a tour bus about an hour from the port to the Mexican jungle. The ruins were fascinating and our local guide was very informative on the history of the ruins and the area. The tour of the ruins lasted about an hour and a half walking and hiking in the jungle. There were multiple temples to tour and one that we were able to climb up. At the top of the stairs we saw Spider Monkeys in the trees. I really enjoyed this excursion, but I recommend taking it during the "winter" months as even in April it was very hot in the jungle. The ruins also, have walking paths marked out, but I would not recommend this excursion for anyone with mobility issues. The ship port in Costa Maya always has many shops, pools and other activities available if you choose to not do an organized excursion.

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